A Lesson with AG Fronzoni: From Teaching Design to Designing Lifestyle

Ester Manitto (Ed.)

Plug-In, 2012


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“This book is an act of gratitude from a student to a ‘master’ and is also an invitation for others to give their contribution to reconstructing the history of a human and professional experience of very high value and great relevance” writes Marina Cinieri in her introduction.
Ester Manitto, by reworking the material, notes and writings, allows us to enter AG Fronzoni’s workshop school founded in Milan in 1982 and active until 2001.
AG Fronzoni (1923-2002) was a graphic designer, an architect, a designer who influenced many graphic designers both in Italy and in Europe.
The book is structured in two parts: a dialogue between the author and the design historian Gabriele Oropallo and a memory of Enrico D. Bona, when Fronzoni was a graphic designer for the magazine Casabella; while in the second part the reader is provided with an atlas of words from which the theories of the Tuscan intellectual are developed, the result of the notes taken during the workshop school by Ester Manitto which well contextualize the scope of a well-rounded character.

ISBN: 9788895459103

156 pages, b/w illustrations, 22 x 20 cm, paperback, Italian/English