Time Machine Antwerpen: 100 foto’s van vroeger en nu / 100 past and present photos

Tanguy Ottomer

Luster, 2020


Renowned city guide and Antwerp resident Tanguy Ottomer delved into the archives and selected 50 photos of places in the Scheldt city. Do you recognize the streets and squares in Antwerp of yesteryear? Sometimes the cityscapes in these old photos have changed little, sometimes they are almost unrecognizable. Then it is looking for buildings or other landmarks that give you a hint. Turn the page, discover where the old photo was taken and be amazed at how exactly the same place looks today through the lens of photographer Jeroen Verrecht. With the photos from the past in his pocket, he traveled through the city to recreate the 50 streets and squares in the present. The result is 50 special before-and-after’s; it makes this book not only a nostalgic document to cherish, but also a real conversation starter for several generations.

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ISBN: 9789460582721

160 pages, illustratedd, 20 x 18 cm, hardcover, Dutch/English