Kathedralen van de industrie (Industriemuseum Gent)

Alexander Dumarey

Industriemuseum Gent & Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, 2021


Industrial heritage is hip. Factory buildings, boiler houses, engine rooms and sheds will be given new uses. Some are being demolished, others are repurposed into retail premises, lofts or offices. Other factories are still in disrepair. Not everyone just stands on the barricade to protect this heritage. The Ghent Industrial Museum knows this all too well. That is why it is organizing the exhibition ‘Cathedrals of Industry’ in 2021. It shows a few dozen industrial textile sites from Ghent in their old and new coat. Photos from the old box are compared with photos taken today. Black and white from that time stands side by side with color from today. With text and explanation. This fair and honest book lets you rediscover fascinating places and stories.

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ISBN: 9789463934329

104 pages, illustrated, 26,8 x 21,2 cm, hardcover, Dutch