Expeditie kunst: Start je eigen kunstcollectie met Sofie Van de Velde

Sofie Van de Velde

Houtekiet, 2021


We sometimes visit museums and read books about art, but the barrier to buying art remains high. We think that art is priceless, that we must first study art history for years, or that art must match the sofa. The prejudices and misconceptions are manifold. It may seem complex, but anyone can learn to appreciate art.
In this book, Antwerp gallerist Sofie Van de Velde takes you behind the scenes of her gallery, to the artist’s studio and to major collectors.
From her own home – which breathes art – she teaches you in a playful way how you too can start your own art collection. And surprisingly, you don’t need a lot of capital for that. Her practical tips, do’s and don’ts and faqs will help you on your way.
There are no big dark secrets. It’s all about love, enthusiasm and the courage to make your own choices. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789089248503

192 pages, illustrated, 23,5 x 15,5 cm, paperback, Dutch