Alles komt goed, altijd

Kathleen Vereecken, Charlotte Peys

Lannoo, 2019


The sky was gray that day. But when evening came, the horizon turned orange. Clara jumped up with wide eyes and pointed. “So beautiful!” “How is that possible?” I asked. I sat down on my knees in my chair, backwards, and stuck my head through the curtains. “There is not even sun.” There was no answer. I looked back. Oscar stood still with his hands in his pocket. A thin string of cigarette stuck to his lower lip. He was silent. My mother held her hand to her mouth. My father frowned deeply and pulled Clara onto his lap. “It’s not a sun,” Rosa said. “It’s the war.” Everything will be fine, always the moving story of Alice, a girl who grows up during the First World War and sees her family fall apart. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789401455282

172 pages, 25 x 18 cm, paperback, Dutch