Francis Alÿs. Sign Painting Project

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Francis Alÿs

Steidl & Partners, Göttingen, 2011


out of print

The Belgian-born conceptual painter and artistic interventionist Francis Alys developed The Sign Painting Project over a period of four years. He began by painting fairly small canvases depicting people and objects in the flat, brightly-colored manner of billboard advertisements. The artist, who currently lives in Mexico, then asked local sign-painters Juan Garcia, Enrique Huerta and Emilio Rivera to copy and enlarge his paintings. The result of the artists’ combined labors is a set of 120 paintings that reveal variations on particular themes and that inevitably provoke questions about collaboration, authorship and originality. This book, which features 300 color plates, is a catalogue raisonne of that project.

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ISBN: 9783865212900

220 pagina's, 26,5 cm x 14 cm, 300 kleurenafbeeldingen, Hardcover, Engels