Yves Saint Laurent: Dreams of the Orient

Aurélie Samuel, Olivier Flaviano

Thames & Hudson, 2018


Asia has long fascinated European artists. The gradual arrival of art objects and textiles from the Orient were inexhaustible sources of inspiration for painters, sculptors and of course couturiers. Yves Saint Laurent was no exception. He proposed both a literal and imaginary vision of Asia, based on a solid knowledge of its history, culture and arts, as evidenced by his personal library and the collection of works of art that he brought together with Pierre Bergé.
Yves Saint-Laurent reinterpreted the sumptuous coats of India’s imperial rulers, creating elegant pieces made of precious golden silks, and embellished with metallic embroidery and jewellery. China not only inspired the heady fragrance Opium in 1977, but also sparked a collection influenced by the traditional ancestral clothing of the emperors and the country’s decorative arts and architecture.
Published to accompany the first temporary exhibition at the Yves Saint-Laurent Museum in Paris, this book showcases the designer’s stunning Asia inspired creations through fifty models, original drawings, jewellery and objects.

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ISBN: 9780500022283

220 pagina's, geïllusteerd, 30,5 × 24 cm, hardcover, Engels