Yoko Ono: Between the Sky and my Head

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Yoko Ono, Jon Hendricks, Thomas Kellein

Verlag der Bunchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2008


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Since 1994 Yoko Ono has created more than 1,400 same-format inkblot drawings on paper. Approximately 100 drawings from this large, almost unknown body of work entitled Franklin Summer are selected by the artist and reproduced in this book.

Also included alongside these drawings is the conceptual photograph in 21 parts Vertical Memory (1997) showing a distorted face which is dedicated to her father. This piece which the artist considers her best work manifests Ono’s life-work.

In addition, three ‘historical scores’ from her artist’s book Grapefruit (1964) – Drinking Piece for Orchestra, Bicycle Piece for Orchestra, and Painting to Be Slept On – are also published here for the first time.

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ISBN: 9783865605313

192 pages, 66 color, 6 b&w illustrations, 24 × 17 cm, hardcover, English