Yoga and Spiritual Retreats: Relaxing Spaces to Find Oneself

Sibylle Kramer

Braun, 2015


Escaping from the daily routine, forgetting everyday life duties for a while, and taking the time to balance body and soul are among the growing spiritual needs of Western societies. Places of retreat far away from the mundane, which are devoted to such needs, are becoming increasingly in demand. These can range from a luxurious resort in the Oman desert, via a yoga oasis in the middle of Miami to a minimalist hideaway in the vicinity of a Buddhist temple in the Himalayas.

This volume presents buildings and rooms that have been created to serve contemplation, meditation, the regeneration of strength, and the enjoyment of quiet. Their design is characterized by lighting, color schemes, the use of natural materials, and open spatial concepts that support relax-ation, self-awareness, and enlightenment. In these projects, architecture constitutes the bridge between human beings, space, and nature.

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ISBN: 9783037681947

160 pagina's, 376 afbeeldingen, 23,5 × 33,5 cm, hardcover, Engels