Yearbook of Type: Fancy Edition #4 2019-2020

Isabella Krüger, Lies Wolf

Slanted, 2020


At a time when it has never been easier to design, publish, and distribute typefaces, standing out as a designer is now evermore challenging. For typeface users in particular, staying up to date with the latest font trends and innovations and having to choose the right font for a project, has hardly been more difficult. The Yearbook of Type 2019/20 is a practical guide that helps users navigate the diverse, ocean-like, typographical landscape in order to choose a font that is right for them, and one that fits their project needs.
The reader is introduced to the world of typography through a series of articles showcasing sketches, background knowledge, technical information, instructions, and descriptions as well as the latest trends in contemporary typeface design.
Each individual typeface is presented on a double-page spread in the Yearbook of Type 2019/20. Featured on the left-hand side is a specimen page, whilst the right-hand page provides detailed information about the corresponding designer and foundry, in addition to an overview of the typefaces’ characteristics. This is supplemented by an extensive index which clearly displays the fonts according to classification, as well as presenting the font designers, publishers, and explanations of OpenType features.


ISBN: 9783948440015

400 pagina's, 24 x 16 cm, geïllustreerd, hardcover, Engels