Winfried Baumann. Urban Nomads

Hirmer Verlag,München, 2014


Winfried Baumann (born 1956) is an extraordinary artist who works at the interface between art, architecture and design. Since 2001, he has dedicated himself to projects described under the umbrella term Urban Nomads. These are linked to concepts such as mobility, housing, food and transport, designed for all rough sleepers and other neo-nomads.
His most recognized venture is called Instant Housing: a collection of miniature mobile living accommodation for those in need of shelter. Other groups of art works are called Instant Cooking, Instant Help and Instant Exhibition. This volume presents the images of Winfried Baumann’s social art that prompt questions about human dignity. They are complemented by an exclusive interview with the artist and two essays by specialists in the field. In a time when ways of living are constantly questioned and social mobility is a requirement for all, Baumann’s work invites us to reflect on our own lifestyles, and those of others.

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ISBN: 9783777422183

360 pagina's, 418 illustraties in kleur, 27 × 24 cm, paperback, Engels