William Kentridge: Five Themes. K 5


Mark Rosenthal (Ed.)

Yale University Press, New Hanven & London, 2009


out of print

This extraordinary catalogue, produced in close collaboration with the artist, investigates the five primary themes that have engaged Kentridge over the course of his career:
1. Soho and Felix: works featuring Kentridge’s best-known characters, the businessman Soho Eckstein and his alter ego, the anxiety-ridden Felix Teitlebaum.
2. Ubu and the Procession: inspired by Ubu Roi, these projects reflect the excitement, conflict, and rapid social changes in post-apartheid South Africa.
3. Artist in the Studio: an examination of Kentridge’s practice and his emergence as an installation artist.
4. The Magic Flute: work related to the artist’s set designs for Mozart’s opera.
5. The Nose: Kentridge’s most recent production, including work inspired by his staging of the Shostakovich opera for New York’s Metropolitan Opera in spring 2010.

Kentridge has created a DVD especially for this publication; it includes fragments from significant film projects (both known and newly completed) as well as commentary that sheds further light on the artist’s work.

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ISBN: 9780300150483

264 pages, 297 color illustrations, 26,5 × 24,8 cm, hardcover, English