What is Chanoyu?

Gretchen Mittwer

Tankosha, 2008


‘What Is Chanoyu?’ is an informative book about the Japanese tea ceremony. It was originally conceived as an aid for any Japanese person who wants to know more about chanoyu and be able to offer a solid, basic explanation to anyone who does not speak Japanese. The text is written in a straightforward and enlightening way, opening up the often esoteric realm of chanoyu to the familiar and stranger alike. Chanoyu requires a special space (‘chashitsu’) and a garden (‘roji’), both of which incorporate numerous ingenious innovations within a limited physical space. Many diagrams and photographs supplement a clearer understanding of this pillar of Japanese tradition.

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ISBN: 9784473034670

176 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 19 x 13 cm, paperback, Japans/Engels