Western Motel. Edward Hopper and Contemporary Art


Thomas Macho, Wim Wenders, Matt Gerald

Kunsthalle Wien & Gerald Matt Verlag Fur Moderne Kunst Nürnberg, 2009


out of print

Echoes and after-images of Hopper’s art are perceptible in contemporary positions. Artists such as Jonas Dahlberg, Thomas Demand, Gustav Deutsch, Rachel Whitread and Jeff Wall analyze, reconstruct and orchestrate spaces and stages. They subtly undermine the viewer’s perception and systematically form a differentiated point of view.

In confrontation with several, already established artists, but also with younger artists like David Claerbout, Dawn Clements, Tim Eitel and Jim Jarmusch, Western Motel gives a comprehensive and profound view over Edward Hopper’s contributions to contemporary art.

Published to accompany the exhibition at Kunsthalle Vienna, October 2008 – February 2009.

ISBN: 9783940748515

312 pages,112 color & 75 b&w illustrations, 24 × 19,5 cm, hardcover, English