Wally Olins: The Brand Handbook

Wally Olins

Thames & Hudson, London, 2008, Reprint 2010


This book is an essential buy for everyone in advertising, marketing and business. It is an ultra-simple guide to all one needs to know about brands and branding, subdivided into clearly defined sections, with case-study examples and ‘take away’ questions for anyone considering their own branding project. A wide spectrum of brands and branding programmes are covered: examples include Apple in the US, Mitsubishi in Japan, Repsol in Spain, Daimler in Germany and Lloyd’s in the UK. The book features over 100 illustrations showing logos, advertisements and other hard-hitting requirements of corporate commerce; it is essential reading for anyone in advertising, marketing or business, and anyone setting up a company of their own.

about the author:
Wally Olins is a renowned marketing guru and the world’s leading branding expert. He runs Saffron Brand Consultants.

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ISBN: 9780500514085

112 pagina's, 21,9 × 16,8 cm, 120 illustraties, Hardcover, Engels