WA: The Essence of Japanese Design

Rossella Menegazzo, Stefania Piotti, Kenya Hara

Phaidon, London, 2014


Through some 250 objects this book explores contemporary Japanese design: from everyday objects and packaging to interior design and lighting elements. Ultimately the book aims to explore the way in which Japanese design manages to harness its materials – whether natural or synthetic – and at the same time combines respect for tradition with forward-thinking and experimentation.
The objects featured were chosen because of their strong Japanese character and the influence this ‘Japaneseness’ has had on Western culture. Rather than following a chronological order or concentrating on the designers, this book focuses on the objects and is categorized by material, highlighting the strong link between design and material in Japan.

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ISBN: 9780714866963

288 pagina's, 300 illustraties in kleur, 27 × 20,5 cm, paperback, Engels