Vitamin D2. New Perspectives in Drawing

paperback edition

Tony Godfrey, Octavio Zaya

Phaidon, London, 2013


out of print

Vitamin D features the work of 109 up-and-coming artists, selected by some of the world’s foremost critics and curators of today for their unique outlook. It is in itself an artistic compilation of the endless possibilities that drawing offers an artist from any background. This book is a captivating composition of examples of the evolution of drawing in the twenty-first century. It reveals the energy of contemporary drawing, in a subtle presentation of the richness and versatility of the medium. With several pages dedicated to images of each artist’s work and a deeply analytical parallel text, Vitamin D is at once a detailed reference book for art world afficianados and an absorbing introduction for newcomers to the scene.

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ISBN: 9780714876443

352 pagina's, 500 illustraties in kleur, 29 × 25 cm, paperback, Engels