Visual Catalog: Greg Lynn’s Studio

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Kristy Balliet, Brennan Buck (Eds.)

Springer, Wien/New York, 2010


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Kristy Balliet and Brennan Buck are architects and have both worked as assistants to Greg Lynn. This is their ‘visual catalog’ of the Lynn Studio’s work over the last five years. It is a project-based visual catalog of design innovations that were created with Lynn’s students.

Each chapter describes an exactly defined formal, aesthetic or atmospheric building block and its cultural context. The descriptions comprise introductions, reference images, theoretical contributions and the student’s projects for the studio.

The Visual Catalog offers a unique insight into Greg Lynn’s design and teaching practice. Since the 1990s, Lynn has been considered the pioneer of a new generation of architects whose primary tool are computers.

Going against the trend towards reduced, minimalist renderings in current architecture publications, the Studio Lynn Visual Catalog is a high-gloss monograph overflowing with graphical material that can be understood as an inspiring manual for students and practicing architects.

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ISBN: 9783211991923

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