Vendredi: Een surrealistische briefwisseling

Xavier Canonne

Ludion, 2020


Vendredi is one of the most unusual magazines issued by Belgian Surrealists. It was written by hand, never published and created weekly for almost two years, from 11 November 1949 to 5 October 1951. Over 100 issues were produced in total by the driving force, Paul Colinet, in collaboration with René Magritte, Marcel Mariën, Louis Scutenaire, Irène Hamoir and Pierre Alechinsky, among others. Every Friday, Paul Colinet sent the magazine to his nephew, the artist Robert Willems, who was living in the Belgian Congo at the time. This edition of 1056 pages offers unique testimony to the versatility of Belgian Surrealism.
Every issue of Vendredi was a work of art in itself: the pages are beautifully illustrated and contain handwritten poems and all manner of texts, news items, jokes, drawings, collages and newspaper cuttings.
The book includes an introduction by Xavier Canonne, an inventory and biographies of all the participating artists.


ISBN: 9789493039247

1056 pagina's, 24 ×17 cm, hardcover, Engels/Frans/Nederlands