Valerio Olgiati. Monograph Special Edition Darco magazine

May-June 2010

Darco, Matoshinos, 2010


out of print

Valerio Olgiati studied architecture at ETH in Zürich. He lived and worked first in Zürich and later for some years in Los Angeles. He opened his own practice in 1996 in Zürich and in 2008 in Flims. Among his major buildings are the schoolhouse in Paspels, the Yellow House in Flims, a house for a musician in Scharans and the museum for the Swiss National Park in Zernez. Among his major projects are a housing development in Zug, a winery for Carnasciale, Italy and a music auditorium for the manor Hohenbeilstein in Germany. This book contains a lecture by Olgiati on four projects: three that already have been built and one competition project. He also includes his so-called iconographic autobiography in an attempt to illustrate his personal background in architecture.

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236 pagina's, 24 x 34 cm, paperback, Portugees/Engels