Valentine Schlegel & Agnès Varda: La Maison de Rosalie

Rosalie Varda, Héléne Bertin

Éditions Sébastien Moreu, 2020


La Maison de Rosalie, le titre de cette publication, est emprunté à une petite sculpture de Valentine Schlegel de 1959 représentant son amie d’enfance Agns Varda enceinte, de Rosalie justement. Et c’est Rosalie elle-même qui, en 2020, fait cet emprunt pour réunir ici quelques oeuvres d’Agnès et Valentine qui ’s entremèlent encore cheze elle, comme entremèlaient leurs vies d’artistes à Sète, rue Daguerre ou bien ailleurs.

The House of Rosalie, the title of this publication, is borrowed from a small sculpture by Valentine Schlegel from 1959 representing her childhood friend Agnès Varda pregnant, from Rosalie. And it is Rosalie herself who, in 2020, made this loan to bring together here some works by Agnes and Valentine who still intertwine at her place, as their lives as artists intermingled in Sète, rue Daguerre or elsewhere.

Valentine Schlegel:  Born in Sète in 1925, Valentine Schlegel lives in Paris. Valentine Schlegel trained at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Montpellier before moving to Paris to devote herself to ceramics. The artist sees her works as full sculptures directly inspired by nature. Her ceramics in both primitive and sophisticated forms make Valentine Schlegel one of the most important ceramicists of the 1950s.

Agnès Varda: Born in Belgium in 1928, Agnès Varda died in 2019 in Paris. Having started in the 1950s as a photographer for the Avignon Festival and the National Popular Theater, Agnès Varda became, after her first film La Pointe Courte, in 1954, one of the most internationally recognized French directors, a pioneer of the New Wave. In 2003 at the Venice Biennale began her life as a visual artist. Her work combines, alternates and spoils her vision and practice of photography, cinema, video and space. IN FRENCH!


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ISBN: 9782956714743

48 pagina's, 21 x 14,8 cm, geïllustreerd, hardcover, Frans