Vaast Colson: 99/09

Vaast Colson, Luc Matthys, Christine Vuegen

Maes & Matthys Gallery, Antwerpen, 2009


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Like that of his peers and compagnons de route Nico Dockx or Dennis Tyfus (with whom he just recently worked together in a project that literally brought down the walls between their respective galleries), Colson’s artistic practice leaves ample room for the cross-pollinating potential of collaboration and the collective. He takes advantage of installations, performances, actions and interventions to create a space wherein form can be originated. His job is determined by the circumstances, the location or by the audience. This audience can be an art lover or a passerby. The content of his work is subtle, generous and engaging. Intense physical or mental efforts are often part of it. His only dedication is the process based on the signification. Therefore the ultimate image or product is a composed document: a sculpture, a movie, a photograph or installation.

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ISBN: 9789081413008

590 pages, numerous illustrations, 23 x 17 cm, paperback, bilingual Dutch/English