V.D.: Sharon Stone, La Vie des Animaux – Vol.1

Vincent Delbrouck

Self-Published, 2019


Sharon Stone, La Vie des Animaux – Vol.1 is the first of a series of artist’s books self-published by Vincent Delbrouck. This volume is entirely composed of collages and paintings created during summer 2019 by V.D. at home, in the studio and the garden. It is not a catalogue. The book, designed by the artist Philippe Koeune with V.D., swings between full collages and zoom views. It is the exorcism of love, the erotic story of a new contamination between birds and female energy. Bleeding with seminal drops of red and light blue painting, a body stands beyond this book, a body with a pornographic presence. A body that stands on its dissolution as the trace of a journey along the eroded curves of a persistent fantasy.

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ISBN: 9782960133752

64 pagina's, kleurillustraties, 31 x 24 cm, paperback, geen tekst