(Translations) Architecture/Art: Works of Sigrid Miller Pollin

Sigrid Miller Pollin, Margaret Vickery, Christine Theodoropoulis

ORO Publications, 2019


Translations: Architecture/Art examines the architecture and artwork of Sigrid Miller Pollin. A Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and a professor of architecture at the University of Massachusetts, Miller Pollin has created a rich body of work, from residential and academic buildings to furniture and artwork inspired by the natural world. Her design sense and deep understanding of space and color combine to present an oeuvre worthy of study.
While successful women architects are still frustratingly rare, Miller Pollin stands out as a creative force, balancing her design practice with studio teaching while raising two children. Highlighting Miller Pollin’s architectural and artistic achievements, which have served as distinct translations of site and program for a wide range of clients over the years, Translations: Architecture/Art is a synthesis of history and new directions, of careful observation and sensitive site research. As an educator, Miller Pollin has trained countless students, her teaching a vital part of an ethos at the University of Massachusetts that eschews the traditional studio critique in favor of an approach to learning that is supportive and constructive. As a book about a practicing female architect who has successfully woven family, work, and art into a creative life, it offers inspiration, anecdotes and examples for women entering the professional world of architecture.


ISBN: 9781940743370

220 pagina's, illustraties in kleur, 23x 28 cm oblong, hardcover, Engels