Tracey Emin / Edvard Munch: The Loneliness of the Soul (Royal Academy of Arts, London)

Kari J. Brandtzæg

Royal Academy of Arts, 2020


Tracey Emin CBE RA describes Edvard Munch as her ‘hero’. Her relationship with the Norwegian painter goes back to the very beginning of her career: ‘I’ve been in love with this man since I was eighteen’, she says. In this exhibition at the Royal Academy and the Munch Museet, Oslo, her works will appear alongside those of the Expressionist master. A handsome accompanying catalogue, produced by the Munch Museum, Oslo, reproduces both artists’ works in stunning detail and includes thought-provoking essays by Kari J.Brandtzaeg and Rudi Fuchs and an interview between Emin and Edith and Edith Devaney, in which Emin identifies the formal and emotional elements in Munch’s work that have proved such an inspiration.


ISBN: 9788293560364

196 pagina's, illustraties in kleur, 27 x 22 cm, hardcover, Engels