Tom Sachs: The Space Program


Contribution by Buzz Aldrin, Tom Sachs, Louise Neri, Arthur C. Danto

Rizzoli, New York, 2009


out of print

In his exuberant manufacture of objects and scenarios, Sachs asks barbed questions of modern creativity that relate to conception, production, consumption, and circulation. Space Program features 797 full-color and 30 black-and-white images; a conversation among Buzz Aldrin, Tom Sachs, and Louise Neri; a critical essay by Arthur C. Danto, contextualizing this work among the artist’s contemporaries; and a comprehensive discussion of the work by Mark Van de Walle. These are accompanied by appendices that provide a full visual and descriptive account of the innumerable components that make up Sachs’s work and illustrate the artist’s related drawings and source materials.

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ISBN: 978-0847832262

280 pages, 797 color and 30 b/w images, 27,9 × 22,9 cm, paperback, English