Thierry Lagrange: Look Space! A Story of Analogous Spaces

Thierry Lagrange

Grafische Cel, 2016


Architectural engineer Thierry Lagrange incorporates both his formal training and photography in his ongoing research on analogous spaces. This publication examines the various approaches to these spaces. The term “analogous spaces” highlights the analogies existing between the ways in which knowledge is processed in different types of space. Knowledge may be safeguarded, expanded, experienced, or transferred, while the space can be either actual or virtual. It refers to a spatiality that is technological, a product of communication media, and as such an integral part of our contemporary living experience, addressed in theoretical writings, workshops, and case studies.

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ISBN: 9789082139976

88 pagina's, illustraties in z/w, 24 x 34 cm, paperback, Engels