The Videoart at Midnight Artists’ Cookbook

How Artists Cook: Eighty Artists | Eighty Dishes

Olaf Stüber, Anton Stüber (Ed)

Kerber Verlag, 2020


Have you ever watched Douglas Gordon cook? Do you know Harun Farocki’s favourite dal? Would you like to nibble straight from the pot with Keren Cytter or recreate Agnieszka Polska’s pirogi with trumpets of death? Cookbooks are a dime a dozen. And there’s even a certain tradition of artists’ cookbooks. But there is only the one Videoart at Midnight Artists’ Cookbook: 80 of the most renown video artists of our time reveal their favorite recipes. Some simple, others elaborate, yet all to be recreated. And the best thing about this book is that each and every single recipe tells its own personal story.


ISBN: 9783735607256

256 pagina's, 247 kleur & 48 z/w illustraties, 26 x 22 cm, hardcover, Engels