The Terragni Atlas

Built Architecture

Attilio Terragni, Daniel Libeskind, Paolo Rosselli

Skira, Milano, 2004


out of print

A pioneer of modernist architecture, Giuseppe Terragni (1904-1943) produced some of Italy’s most significant 20th century buildings. Celebrating the centenary of Terragni’s birth, Atlas presents a visual record of this influential architect whose work is experiencing renewed international interest.
In a short and intense career, Terragni created a small but remarkable group of designs that form the nucleus of the Italian Rationalist school of architecture. Atlas presents the architecture of Terragni through a juxtaposition of archival images and contemporary photographs by Paolo Rosselli.
Daniel Libeskind’s authoritative and original essay and Rosselli’s outstanding photography attest to the importance of Terragni’s work and his continued influence on modern architecture.

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ISBN: 9788884917324

424 pagina's, 23 × 24 cm, 250 b&w & 345 colour illustrations, Hardcover, English