The Secret Life Of Date Palms

Cyril Veillon (Ed)

Archizoom, 2017


The Secret Life Of Date Palms is based on research conducted by Cultural Engineering for the 2015 Milan Universal Exhibition’s UAE pavilion. They journeyed through the centuries-old love story between date palm trees and its multiple uses in food, design, construction, landscape and infrastructure.
They also looked at the historical meaning and symbolic dimension that palm tree has for inhabitants of the Middle East.

Six date palm characteristics provide the structure of this book: Form, Fruit, Hydration, Metamorphosis, Shade and Shadow, and Gender. Each investigation draws on Emirati traditions and tacit knowledge to share a narrative that is infused with sensitivity, genuine curiosity, and human inventiveness. This is the story of a species that continues to provide great value to the Middle East. The hope is that the spirit of engagement and ingenuity employed throughout history inspires others to find value in their own regional resources, climates and cultures.

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ISBN: 9782970113201

92 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 21 × 30 cm, paperback, Engels