The New Monte Rosa Hut Sac

Self-sufficient Building in the High Alps

ETH Zürich (Ed.)

ETH Zürich, 2010


out of print

The new alpine hut on Monte Rosa, at an altitude of 2883 meters (9458 feet) near Zermatt, was opened in September 2009. The innovative building emerged from a collaborative effort between the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC), and many experts and specialist manufacturers. The new Monte Rosa Hut is the result of pioneering technologies in design, calculation and building construction. In the form of discussions, essays on special topics, photographs and plans, this volume documents the building’s genesis and planning and the construction of this milestone in high alpine architecture.

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ISBN: 9783856762742

224 pagina's, 241 afbeeldingen, 23 x 27 cm, hardcover, Engels