The Mr Porter Paperback Volume Three

The Manual for Stylish Life

John Brodie, Jodie Harrison

Thames & Hudson, London, 2014


Mr Porter continues to provide essential guidance in this third volume in its series for the modern man looking to get the best out of life. Simply yet elegantly designed, The Mr Porter Paperback: Volume Three offers everything readers expect from Mr Porter: insider tips on style and etiquette; the best new travel hot spots, grooming advice, and gadgets; and exclusive interviews with an array of talents including Bret Easton Ellis, Yves Béhar, and Ralph Fiennes.

Volume Three also offers a host of new features and ideas – from Knacks such as ‘How to Undress in Front of a Lady’ and ‘How to Ace a Skype Interview’ to advice on common style concerns such as the best ways to look fresh for the office and the perfect wedding ensembles.

Complete with a new set of Style Icons, a section on the coolest classic cars, and a comprehensive guide to the world’s coffee, it’s the perfect slice of life and style for sophisticated men everywhere.

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ISBN: 9780500291528

256 pagina's, 19.70 × 13.80 cm, paperback, Engels