The Hermès Scarf

History & Mystique

Nadine Coleno

Thames & Hudson, London, 2009


Since the first scarf made its debut in 1937, the House of Hermès has produced more than two thousand different designs. This book explores this lavish history through a sumptuous selection of scarves chosen from seven decades of creative innovation, from the classic designs that embody the Hermès tradition to the wildly imaginative stylings of contemporary designers.

A scarf is never the work of one individual; at every stage of its creation, talent and craftsmanship combine to create a handfinished work of art. These qualities shine through in the sumptuous illustrations which lead the reader into a richly coloured world packed with a multitude of motifs.

From vibrant opulence to subtle harmony, every scarf conveys a mood and every one tells a story. Those stories are now brought together in a book that will delight longtime aficionados and win a host of new admirers for this symbol of timeless elegance.

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ISBN: 978-0500515181

304 pagina's, 292 afbeeldingen, 24,5 x 24.5 cm, hardcover, Engels