The Good Gardener? Nature, Humanity and the Garden

Annette Giesecke, Naomi Jacobs, Rick Darke (Eds.)

Artifice, 2015


out of print

Illuminates both the foundations and after-effects of humanity’s deep-rooted impulse to manipulate the natural environment and create garden spaces of diverse kinds. Gardens range from subsistence plots to sites of philosophical speculation, refuge, and self-expression. Gardens may serve as projections of personal or national identity.
They may result from individual or collective enterprises. They may shape the fabric of the dwelling house or city. They may be real or imagined, literary constructs or visions of paradise rendered in paint. Some result from a delicate negotiation between creator and medium. Others, in turn, readily reveal the underlying paradox of every garden’s creation: the garden, so often viewed as a kinder, gentler, ‘second nature,’ results from violence done to what was once wilderness.

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ISBN: 978-1908967459

306 pagina's, paperback, Engels