The Form Book

Best Practice in Creating Forms for Printed and Online Use

Borries Schwesinger

Thames & Hudson, Londen, 2010


Order forms, invoices, applications and questionnaires are all standardized ways of requesting or presenting information, designed to focus on the essentials and so make life faster and simpler. But if a form is too complicated, confusing or obscure, it can become a barrier to clear communication, wasting time and money and potentially harming the public’s perception of a business or brand.

Successful forms do exist – efficient, streamlined and even stylish – but they are a real challenge to create. Packed with practical advice and inspiring ideas, The Form Book brings together a comprehensive collection of great designs for both print and digital media, showcasing a range of thoughtful, elegant or witty approaches to form creation.

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ISBN: 9780500515082

324 pagina's, illustraties in kleur, 29.6 × 21 cm, hardcover, Engels