The Ceramic Moment: Staging the Object

CLAY Museum of Ceramics Art Denmark and Copenhagen Ceramics (Eds.)

CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Copenhagen, 2019


What is happening internationally in the world of ceramics right now? CLAY offers some answers in this exhibition catalogue that displays around 100 striking works by 23 ceramists from the United States, Canada, Japan, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

In sculptures, jars, objects and tableaux the ceramicists, in their various ways, clarify how contemporary ceramics is positioning itself in an online, digital world and it examines the relation between the prevalent visual culture and the material-based ceramic object.

The exhibition title and its spectacular scenography is inspired by this exchange and staging of images and objects that take place on social media today. The participated artists are:
Anders Ruhwald (DK), Turi Heisselberg Pedersen (DK), Carl Emil Jacobsen (DK), Mia E. Göransson (SE), Ole Jensen (DK), Takuro Kuwata (JP), Pernille Pontoppidan Pedersen (DK), Matt Wedel (US), Christina Schou Christensen (DK), Bente Skjøttgaard (DK), Linda Sormin (CA/TH), Morten Løbner Espersen (DK), Gitte Jungersen (DK), Karen Bennicke (DK), Steen Ipsen (DK) Anne Tophøj (DK), Marianne Krumbach (DK), Marianne Nielsen (DK), Marit Tingleff (NO), Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl (DK), Nils Erichsen Martin (NO), Anton Alvarez (SE/CH) og Michael Geertsen (DK)


ISBN: 9788791135514

163 pagina's, 25,5 x 21,5 cm, + apart boekje 48 pagina's, 19,8 x 15,5 cm, geïllustreerd, Engels