The Black Picasso

What if Racists and White Supremacists Were Right?

Samuel Irisoh

Olympia Publishers, 2020


The Black Picasso explores the origins of racism, the reasons it perpetuates today and gives suggestions for how to eradicate it. The author also tries to read between the lines of racist narratives which white supremacists and racists groups project every day which is ‘blacks and whites are not born equal’. ‘They (whites) are superior to blacks’. From the author’s research on those narratives, he discovered that these racists and white supremacists are actually very right; that indeed blacks and whites are not born equal, though he also admits that his findings will shock black people, and the whole world, but it’s just the brutal reality the world must learn to live with, as well as learn to respect and acknowledge each other’s differences.
The author questions whether God is a racist, using Bible and Qur’anic references to justify his thoughts. He discusses racist narratives and the black people’s search for validation and identity, probes the world’s use of the white dictionary and the stereotypical way in which people with a black skin are judged. He feels that the ‘black man is perpetually under trial for a crime he knows nothing about; the crime of wearing a black skin.’
But ‘black is beautiful’. He explores the work of Pablo Picasso in relation to the period classified as the African-influenced Period (1907 – 1909) and suggests the world should see that ‘black people are a beautiful work of art. They are Picassos…’


ISBN: 9781788303644

199 pagina's, 20,5 x 14 cm, paperback, enkel tekst in Engels