The Art Directors’ Handbook of Professional Magazine Design

Classic Techniques and Inspirational Approaches

Ilse Moser, Horst Moser

Thames & Hudson, London, 2011


While many books on editorial design simply illustrate great work, this book, now updated with a new chapter covering independent magazines and revised illustrations throughout, presents a huge range of examples from an amazing collection of international magazines and uses them to illustrate the principles of classic editorial design. Horst Moser discusses the design challenges facing art directors today, showcasing the most successful solutions, from the cutting edge of modern style to classic techniques. With over 1,000 colour illustrations, it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for students and professionals, and an essential and authoritative guide for anyone involved in magazine design.

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ISBN: 9780500515730

296 pagina's, 1000 illustraties, 32 × 24,5 cm, hardcover, Engels