Alexis Turner

Thames & Hudson, 2019 (paperback edition)


From style wilderness to height of cool, taxidermy has staged an extraordinary comeback. No longer confined to stately homes and trophy rooms, stuffed animals are popping up everywhere, from contemporary apartments to luxury department stores and art galleries.

Meticulously organized and illustrated with hundreds of photographs that explore every aspect of this rich art form, this book is the most comprehensive and beautiful survey of taxidermy ever produced. It features the world’s greatest museums, private collections rarely seen by the public, famous anthropomorphic taxidermy by Walter Potter and others, and bizarre examples of freaks and fakes. It also reproduces work by the most important contemporary artists working with taxidermy today, including Charles Avery, Neil Harnon, Polly Morgan, Tessa Farmer, Iris Schieferstein, Reid Peppard, Thomas Grünefeld, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, and Wim Delvoye. Curated and written by Alexis Turner, the founder of London Taxidermy, this book provides a connoisseur’s eye of a vast and fascinating subject.


ISBN: 9780500295045

256 pagina's, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, Engels