Talk to Me. Design and the Communication between People and Objects

Paola Antonelli

Moma, New York, 2011


Since the introduction of the personal computer in the early 1980s, many objects have been designed to have capabilities well beyond their immediate use or appearance. Whether openly and actively or in subtle, subliminal ways, these objects talk to us, and we have come to expect interaction with them. Contemporary designers, besides giving objects form and function, write their initial scripts–the foundation for useful and satisfying conversations. Talk to Me focuses on projects that involve such direct interaction – including interfaces, websites, video games, devices and tools, and information systems – as well as installations that establish practical, emotional, or even sensual connections to cities, companies, governmental institutions, or other individuals. The featured objects range in date from the late 1980s to today, with particular attention given to the last five years and projects currently in development. Organized thematically, Talk to Me introduces design practices that are increasingly crucial to our world and demonstrates how rich and deep the influence of design will be on our future.

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ISBN: 9780870707964

208 pages, 26,7 x 22,9 cm, 407 colour illustrations, Paperback, English