Takaharu + Yui Tezuka: Nostalgic Future


Paul Andreas, Peter Cachola Schmal

Jovis Verlag, Berlin, 2009


out of print

‘Roof House’, ‘Wall-less House’, and ‘Sky House’ are the names of the internal projects the young Japanese architecture studio Tezuka Architects in Tokyo is working on. However, large public buildings such as the Fuji kindergarten and the Natural History Museum in Matsunoyama demonstrate how very much the architect couple Takaharu and Yui Tezuka, who are enjoying an increasingly international reputation, see architecture as an elementary discipline of defining and removing boundaries. Simplicity determines their mindset and designs: Through intensive dialog with their clients and users the studio develops solutions which seem refreshingly unconventional and yet are firmly anchored in everyday life. Their buildings, which frequently boast large sliding-door fronts and verandahs, are fitted out in wood, and are sensitive to their location and its climate, call to mind centuries-old Japanese architectural tradition. Together with present-day innovative design and construction technologies they create a vision that is consciously timeless.

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ISBN: 9783868590210

120 Pages, 17,5 × 19 cm, 112 colour Images, Softcover with flaps, English/German