Suzanne Jongmans: Moving through Contrast

Suzanne Jongmans, Karen Van Godtsenhoven, Anneke van Wolfswinkel, Karolien De Clippel

Lannoo, 2019


The old masters brought to life. The traditions of sculpting and costume designs come together in the serene photos of Dutch photographer Suzanne Jongmans. She designs her costumes and then converts the three-dimensional images to the flat surface. She uses simple packaging materials such as foam and foam rubber to make her clothes.
“Most people throw away foam, but like a child I see the diamond in a stone. The use of residual material is a reaction to the present and the mass consumption that surrounds us”, Suzanne Jongmans


ISBN: 9789401462013

192 pagina's, kleurfoto's, 31 x 26 cm, hardcover, Engels