Sung Tieu: Oath Against Minimalism

Pamela N. Corey, Kathleen Ditzig, Cédric Fauq, Damian Lentini

Spector Books, 2020


Oath against Minimalism documents the multifaceted work of artist Sung Tieu, whose sculptural and sound installations engender uncanny and immersive spatial situations. Numerous installation views and an interview with the artist provide a comprehensive sense of her most recent work as well as her older output. The book includes in-depth essays by international art historians and curators, placing her work against the backdrop of bureaucratic power structures, global capitalism, the psychological effects of sound, and the legacies of the Cold War. This monograph is published in conjunction with Tieu’s first institutional exhibitions: Zugzwang (2020) at Haus der Kunst in Munich and In Cold Print (2020) at Nottingham Contemporary.


ISBN: 9783959054133

162 pagina's, 19 z/w & 49 kleur illustraties, 29 x 22 cm, paperback, Engels/Duits