Stockman: The Mannequin – A History

Une histoire du mannequin de vitrine: Stockman

Erwan de Fligué

Flammarion, 2019


Each and every one of us, without realizing it, is familiar with Stockman. For the past 150 years the company has embodied true French expertise : the kind put to use in making display mannequins and dressmaker forms-those fake-human look-alikes, shaped out of the stuff of dreams. To turn passersby into customers, mannequins must attract them ; their face and morphology embody the particular beauty ideals of every era. The world’s most famous photographers- from Man Ray to Robert Doisneau to George Hoyningen-Huene -quite rightly immortalized them. This beautiful book, replete with treasures from special collections, invites us to discover a unique aspect of the history of fashion.


ISBN: 9782081417748

176 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 28 x 21 cm, paperback, Frans/Engels