Stijn Van Dorpe, Sarah Késenne: School of Equals

Sarah Kesenne, Stijn Van Dorpe

Grafische Cel , LUCA School of Arts, 2021


The publication School of Equals collects a series of reflective texts, instructions, notes, testimonies and slam poetry reflecting the mechanisms at art schools that give rise to exclusion and inequality. A great deal of attention goes to the decolonising and intersectional feminisms that are questioning the status quo of arts education at the institutional level. The publication exposes in that sense situations of discord in relation to the art academy -which is often considered a neutral place- and wants to intervene in essentialist approaches of identity and difference.

Through a variety of personal and peripheral writing practices, the interdisciplinary writing was approached as a critical strategy intervening in the homogenisation and objectification of debates on these issues. Authors that didn’t follow official or formal arts education, or texts that can not simply be placed into recognisable critical frameworks, were thus considered as significant.
The publication can be viewed as an attempt to place critical and emancipatory approaches in arts education higher on the agenda.

Editing and introduciton by Sarah Késenne and Stijn Van Dorpe with contributions of Sepake Angiama, Bre_uwin, Jacopo Buccino, Fatih, Globe Aroma, Janna Graham, Ayşe Güleç, Francesca Hawker, Byron Kalomamas,  Gila Kolb, Anneleen Lemmens, Saidou Mamadou Ly, Lindah Nyirenda, The Post Collective, Karel Thienpont, Robin Vanbesien and Tilke Wouters.






ISBN: 9789492574183

240 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 22 x 15 cm, paperback, Engels