Stijn Van Dorpe, Sarah Késenne: School of Equals

Sarah Kesenne, Stijn Van Dorpe

Grafische Cel , LUCA School of Arts, 2021


This publication forms part of a series of projects and activities that we, the editors, began as an initiative within the Educational Master in Audiovisual and Visual Arts of the LUCA School of Arts (Brussels-Genk-Ghent) and are collecting under the name of School of Equals. The plan was to organise two workshops with Gila Kolb and the duo Sepake Angianma and Byron Kalomamas, in which we intended to reflect on mechanisms at art schools that give rise to exclusion and inequality. As part of these workshops, we wanted to approach the campus of LUCA school of arts as a site of research and as a place where it is possible to develop a different kind of common practice at the same time. We hoped to achieve a practice that would allow other, suppressed voices, contexts and values to be heard and seen, in order to present aspects concerning the hierarchical relationships in art schools in different ways, and to make them ‘tangible’. In other words, our aim was to create a framework within which we could question exclusive and privileged forms of ‘making school (within arts schools) and at the same time practise active forms of ‘unlearning’. It was also our express intention to invite non-students, as well as students from our school, to these workshops, who lack the opportunities to access institutional arts education for a variety of reasons. We firmly believe that their experiences and knowledge will also provide insights, expose forms of exclusion, and contribute other forms of learning. In short, it was our hope to provide the time and space for all participants to be able to learn from one another as equals.


ISBN: 9789492574183

240 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 22 x 15 cm, paperback, Engels