Stepwells of Ahmedabad: Water, Gender, Heritage

Tanvi Jain, Priyanka Sheth, Aashini Sheth

Calmo Editions, 2021


A stepwell, locally called a ‘vaav’, is a type of subterranean water architecture that is prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. It attained unsurpassed importance in the semi-arid regions of western India.
Stepwells of Ahmedabad is the culmination of five years of research undertaken by a collective of architects from India. Their research documents the magnificent water structures that are found in and around the city of Ahmedabad. Rather than being just an architectural catalogue, this book aims to present a deeper understanding of the intrinsic social and ecological relationships related to these stepwells and their current condition in the city of Ahmedabad. This edition also sheds light on the lesser-known history of the roles played by women as patrons and users of these fascinating structures.


ISBN: 9788412212419

112 pagina's, 50 illustraties, 20 x 15 cm, paperback, Engels / Spaans