Stephan Balkenhol

Deichtorhallen Hamburg

Robert Fleck, Laszlo Gozer, Thaddäus Hüppi, a.o.

Snoeck, Köln, 2008


out of print

The human figure is presented to us in the work of Stephan Balkenhol in all its openness, devoid of gesture and narrative context. The figures seem unpretentious, unobtrusive and simultaneously timeless, they have been hewn out of the tree trunk with a chisel so that tool marks, cracks and various approaches to the material remain visible. The artist only uses paint in order to structure the sculpture, hence their dual appearance-both anonymous and yet individual at the same time.

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ISBN: 978936859560

192 p, 23 × 17 cm, 100 col.ill, hardcover, English