Stationery Design Now!

Julius Wiedemann

Taschen, Köln, 2010


out of print

Though seemingly ephemeral, the subliminal communications value of elegant stationery cannot be overestimated. The best stationery works hard for you, front-loading your corporate or freelance image, and conveying your company values in the most tangible way. Traditionally, many of the world’s most successful companies, whatever their size, have relied heavily on sharply-focused stationery. Whatever your field, these three elements of corporate identity are vital for any successful business.

This book presents over 200 outstanding stationery projects from companies all over the world, with a historical and technical essay about the role of stationery design by Jay Rutherford, Professor for Visual Communication at Bauhaus University Weimar. For anyone considering new stationery, or even an upgrade, Stationery Design Now! provides a plethora of inspiring ideas.

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ISBN: 9783836518987

384 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 16.8 × 22.6 cm, Paperback, Engels/Frans/Duits