Space Architecture: Human Habitats Beyond Planet Earth

Olga Bannova

DOM Publishers, 2021


For many, the idea of Space Architecture as a discipline lies in the domain of science fiction, where everything is possible simply because it happens ‘very far in the future’. Is Space Architecture a fiction or reality? This book explores if and how architectural principles and strategies need to be transformed when applied to the extreme conditions of outer space. It presents concepts developed by great minds in the fields of space exploration and science-fiction, ones which can inspire new ways into the future. The book also presents the philosophy of Space Architecture, arguing for example that the design of space habitats needs to be human-centred while defining ways for humans to co-exist in new environments. These views are complemented by examples of architectures from current and planned space missions, organised by private companies as well as government agencies.


ISBN: 9783869226644

240 pagina's, 230 illustraties, 23 x 21 cm, paperback, Engels