Social Label Works: An Open Book on Designing Labour #2

Social Label

Social Label, 2019


A growing national network, design collection and community for valuable custom labor. In 2011 started with a request from the society and now developed into an international travelling design collection consisting of ten tailor-made product lines created in collaboration with designers for and by people who find it hard to access the labor market. It is about sharing knowledge and creativity in order to grow together towards labor in which everyone can participate to the best of their ability. Work that fills people with self-satisfaction and produces beautiful products. Because from practice, we have noticed that when people create something beautiful and can show and sell it, they experience a feeling of self-esteem and self-pride and precisely this is an extra incentive to get back into the working society.
For this, a new economic model was developed titled ‘Socio economics’ in which people and their self-development are the central issues. This view of a people-oriented economy and the method to realize it have been published in the publication ‘Design Works’. The publication also contains all the insights obtained during the development of product lines at various workshops, round-table discussions with health professionals in the Netherlands, CEOs, directors and public colleges with scientists.


ISBN: 9789081718592

287 pagina's, illustraties in kleur, 28 x 21,5 cm, paperback, Nederlands / Engels